Tree of Life: Brings Homeless Children’s Dreams to Light

Wendy White, Playwright, Artist, Director and President of the New Light Foundation, Inc. is writing and directing a theatre production and film entitled “Tree of Life” which portrays the hopes and dreams of the young children born into homelessness in Broward County. The project is currently listed on our website and seeking crowd sourced funding from the community.

“Tree of Life” is a theatre project which transforms children residing in the homeless shelter at Shepherds’ Way/Hope South Florida facility. The children learn to communicate artistically which has resulted in a big jump in literacy, confidence, and joy during past similar projects by New Light Foundation.

“As children thrive with consistency; weekly art, theatre, costume and dance workshops would take place on a consistent basis. Each child will be provided with the tools to express their feelings in a positive and transformative way. The performance will be presented to the public who may be unaware of what the lives of the homeless children are really like,” said Wendy White.

“Tree of Life” project will be filmed from start to completion.  The program has the potential of national reach to homeless children all over the country who find themselves born to homelessness due to their parent’s unforeseen circumstances.

The production “Tree of Life” intention is to encourage the children to go forward with their hopes, dreams and aspirations with joy regardless of their current condition of being homeless; as their lives are certainly just beginning.

To learn more or see the video go to our website at under TREE OF LIFE PROJECT. Contact Robyn Vegas, Program Coordinator at to learn more about power2give.