Inspired Art Exhibit GALLERYone Hilton

GALLERYone DoubleTree Suites by Hilton on view until 11.14.18

Some selected works on exhibit:

Meet the 10 INSPIRED artists:

Genie Appel-Cohen has been inspired to paint women over the age of 50

Sharon Dash’s “Corporate Character” was inspired by numerous events related to America’s financial industry

Kevin Grass combines Flemish painting and contemporary Photorealism

Susan Hanssen draws inspiration from taking an idea, cliché or metaphor and turning them into visual experiences

Dustin Harewood wants his reef drawings to suggest a gnarled elegance, quiet beauty and sadness noting how people unwittingly destroy the things that they love

Elaine Harvey pop surreal art reveals the characters of her portraits with their emotive eyes and evocative facial expressions

Amanda Moon’s work is connected to the process of transformation

William Phelps Montgomery’s art reflects a marriage between digital technology and modern science with abstract expressionism

Lori Samuels believes art can heal and devotes herself to work that is authentic and inspiring

Maria Wieder’s series of paintings combine portrait works of famous artists while adding her own traditional oil painting style