Business for the Arts of Broward Partners with IKEA

to Host an Artist Encounter Series at IKEA Sunrise

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Business for the Arts of Broward is partnering with IKEA Sunrise to present an Artist Encounter Series at the Sunrise IKEA store, 151 NW 136 Ave., from 1 to 4 p.m. on the first Sunday of every month beginning Sunday, October 4 when visitors can experience live demonstrations, performances or hands on workshops.


Artist Steven Sylvester with his IKEA inspired dress made from IKEA bags, pillow, cord, candy, measuring tape and recycled bottles.

The Artist Encounter Series at IKEA Sunrise is a program which provides local artists of different disciplines with the opportunity to engage the community and become an ambassador to help connect a wider audience with the process of creating and enjoying art. The Artist Encounter Series enhances the experience of the visitors and staff and produce an environment which connects people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and generations through the common bond of art and culture.


On Sunday, October 4, visitors with get up close and personal with artist Steven Sylvester. Born in Detroit in 1954, Sylvester found himself mesmerized as a youngster with the various public art forms and museums in the city. He also was captivated by the city’s rich and vibrantly different cultures. As an adult, Sylvester’s artistic creations demonstrate his passion for the uncommon.


Sylvester has developed clay art expressions that include: the Ladies’ Dress Series, which includes life-size wearable clay art couture pieces worn by models. A second expression embraces large-scale, public and private, site-specific, architectural ceramic works of art. The third embraces his leadership skills and passion for combining the arts with the needs of a community. Sylvester created a relationship skills-building clay art program titled: Help Me Build a Home of My Own, involving children in the foster care system.


Make up for the models at the Oct. 4 Artist Encounter is generously provided by Academy of Glam.

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Admission is free. For more information, email