Art Works in the Work Place!

I recently read an article in Americans for the Arts Magazine, called “A Place to Create: Businesses & Artists Sharing Resources” by Patrick O’Herron.  It stated that companies throughout the country are realizing the value of partnering with the arts. O’Herron reported that 62% of businesses who partner with arts strongly agree that the arts contribute to the economy and quality of life.  Arts are being used to help stimulate creative thinking, problem solving and offer networking opportunities. It serves both the artists and the stakeholders in the community.  Art works in the workplace because when the arts thrive, businesses thrive too.


Artist-in-Residence Niki Johnson arranging Behind Closed Doors, at her studio in the Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee, WI. The hotel provides accommodations, a  stipend and meals to the artists who work at the hotel.

The economic impact of nonprofit arts & culture organizations in Broward County is a $230 million industry.  Audiences and organizations generate that revenue annually, not including ticket sales.

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Employees from the Stiles building enjoy a lunch time retreat  guided by artist George Gadson, as part of Business for the Arts of Broward’s Art in the Workplace Program.

  How can you get involved? Business for the Arts of Broward has several programs that you can take advantage of. One very popular way is to schedule an Art in the Workplace class. This program is designed to forge lasting relationships between the business and art community.  Employees engage, hands-on, to create art or music.  Past Art in the Workplace participant BGT Partners founder and chief executive David Clark said, “It brings (staff) together. They work better together. They have better relationships…and when you have a good culture, you have a better business.”  Qualifying businesses get to try the program for free the first time. It’s a win-win scenario.   Contact Program Coordinator Robyn Vegas at rvegas@bfabroward.org to learn more.