Want to engage your staff? Business for the Arts of Broward’s Art in the Workplace program helps people to break out of their day to day work routines and experience new ways of thinking, processing information and creative problem solving.

This innovation program provides arts awareness, involvement and enriches employees at work.

The best part is you may qualify to try the first class for free.

Choose from over 30 different classes taught by local professional teaching artists including ceramics, percussion, drumming, song-writing, watercolor, mandalas, jewelry making, the art of chocolate, wine glass painting, printing, painting, Ikebana, Hawaiian Culture, crocheting, quilling, collaborative painting, book deconstruction, textile printing and more.



Crowe Horthwath paints together with Frances Tyler




BFT employees participate in a drumming workshop with Willie Stewart


Benefits of Arts Bases Experiences Include:
* Advances corporate objectives
* Provides opportunities to develop new leadership skills
* Improves interpersonal & communication skills
* Cultivates creativity and Ideation (the process of forming ideas)
* Fosters cohesiveness & collaboration
* Provides stress relief
* Helps businesses recruit and retain talent
* Promotes higher critical thinking skills
* Simulates the work environment
* Develops inventive problem-solving
* Strengthens employee engagement
* Encourages personal growth


The Art of Chocolate taught by Hoffman’s Chocolates chocolatiers


Abstract painting class hosted by Stiles


Contact rvegas@bfabroward.org  954.940.5344 for more information